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All year round, long term volunteers are welcome at Eins Art Studios to work with me. In exchange, your task would be either in administration (archiving) and public relation or housekeeping - taking on responsibility and working independently.

Archive art collection/admin/PR would include:

  • archiving the art collection by inventory/photographing/register/recording digitally

  • to update the appearance of Eins Art Studios on the internet: public relations and website updates

  • to design flyers, emails etc.

  • to contact newspapers/tourist-guides etc. to broadcast the project

  • setting up price lists for the Art Gallery

  • developing more ideas to broadcast the project


Computer literacy is important as is the ability to write, read and speak English. Furthermore, you should know how to deal with a reflex camera.


Housekeeping/Building projects are for example:

  • to build an outside shower

  • install a swing with an old tire

  • build a 1x1m platform in a tree

  • repairs around the property 

  • painting, gardening

  • fix pipes

  • sand wooden furniture


Experience in building is important.

Working languages are German, English and French. Accommodation is included but not meals. There is a kitchenette and supermarkets are only an 8 minute walk away.

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